Islamic & Cultural Tours

Suitable for Your Group's Hajj and Umra Stop-offs

1 Day

Istanbul Tour

2 Days

Istanbul Tour

3 Days

Istanbul – Ertugrul

4 Days

Istanbul Tour

5 Days

Istanbul – Ertugrul – Bursa

6 Days

G. Antep Urfa Adana Cap.

7 Days

Antalya – Konya – Cappadocia

9 Days

A Journey through Anatolya
Tailored Tours

Tailored just for your group

Islamic Retreats can tailor a tour specifically for your groups’ requirements. Each of the tours above can be modified and tweequed according to your needs. Get in touch with us today!

Group Bookings

For 35 + pax

All the tours are designed for groups and cannot be booked for individuals

Delux VIP Tours

For small groups from 4 to 8 pax

If you are coming in a small group or family, Islamic Retreat offers a VIP tour service that will take care of you from the minute you land until departure.

The Ertugrul Retreat

Coming in 2021

The Ertugrul Retreat will take you back in time to walk in the footsteps of the early Ottomans. Starting in the town of Kalas in Bursa, you will experience life in the tents that provided shelter to the early Ottoman tribes. Horseback riding and archery training will be the highlight of activities there. After that you will head to Bursa to visit its historic landmarks and pay tribute to Ossman Gazi, then visit Ertugrul’s tomb. The trip ends with a tour of Istanbul that will take you to all the landmark locations.


Istanbul Calligraphy Retreat

Start your journey of Arabic Calligraphy and Islamic arts with Calligraphy masters

Istanbul has long been the go-to place for the art of Arabic Calligraphy. With many of the master calligraphers keeping this sacred art well and alive. Islamic Retreats makes a yearly calligraphy retreat program that lasts for 30 days where students from across the world are introduced to this art along with introductions to other Islamic art forms such as tazhib, and ebru.

The retreat lasts for 30 days. You can arrange your group (maximum of 30 students, the minimum is 15) and we’ll take care of everything else. From accommodation to teachers with ijaza to excursions in Istanbul and transportation.


Student Summer Camp

A safe and affordable retreat for your students

Istanbul offers great affordable options for your students’ holidays. With safe environments and many entertaining sports options, Islamic Retreats will take care of your students from the moment they arrive at the airport until their departure date.

The facilities we arrange for students to provide options for the following:

1- Basketball courts
2- Swimming pool
3- Masjid
4- Lesson rooms
5- Cafeteria

If you have specific requirements, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Wellness Retreats

Reconnect with Creation in Calm and Breathtaking Locations

Take a break and de-stress from your everyday routines on our Wellness Retreats. With different locations across Turkey, your group will be well taken care of. The Wellness Retreat offers healthy food options, instructors and takes you to breathtaking locations that rekindle the spirit

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Salam. Thank you for your interest. Please note that we only take group bookings. Prices for the Ertugrul Experience 2021 will be announced later this year.