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We have been organizing retreats in Turkey for the last five years. We were introduced to Islamic Retreats a year ago and the support they provided facilitated and enhanced the retreat greatly. They made it much easier to make bookings and helped source key resources to Afyon. In addition, they provided us with a lot of useful information about places and locations of interest in Turkey. We would strongly recommend them.
Khalid Meah - Greensville Trust - greensvilletrust.org
Liverpool - UK
Brother Edward shares his experience of travelling through Turkey with Islamic Retreats. His journey started in the UK all the way to Nevsehir, then Konya and all the way to Istanbul.
Br. Edward
I can’t express myself in appreciations to Islamic Retreats for their unique and special tours. Br. Qutaiba, Enes and Fatih. I’ve been making tours and going to different cities in the world. But the way you conducted the tours here and its organization made us very happy. So thank you for all the staff of Islamic Retreats.
Sh. Jamal
Islamic Retreats was were very professional, treated us as Muslim brothers and tourists at the same time and on behalf of myself and my students who came on this cultural tour and all the teaching staff, we'd like to say ``Jazakum Allah khayren``
Ahmed - Manasik tour
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