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Locations to chose from:

In Istanbul

  • Suleymaniye Mosque
  • Hagia Sophia
  • Topkapi Palace
  • Little Hagia Sophia Mosque
  • Sokollu Mehmet Pasha Mosque
  • Sehzade (Prince’s) Mosque
  • Fatih Mosque
  • Nuruosmaniye Mosque
  • Yavuz Selim Mosque
  • Yeni Valide Mosque
  • Mihrimah Mosque (Asian side)
  • Aziz Mahmud Hudai tomb

In Konya

  • Rumi's tomb
  • Alaeddin Mosque
  • Selimiye Mosque

In Bursa

  • Ulu Mosque
  • Gazi Osman Tomb
  • Gazi Orhan Tomb

In Bilicik Soğüt

  • Gazi Ertugrul Tomb
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